Date and place of birth: 13 June 1936, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria


    Education: Higher education, Dipl. Mechanical Engineer, Thermal Power Engineering, specialty Thermal Power, diploma thesis - 150 MGW high pressure steam turbine, March 1960


    Professional fulfilment:


    1960 - 1962: Technical Manager of Maritsa East Thermal Power Plant (TPP), steam turbines workshop and station pipelines


    1962-1971: Chief Engineer and Head of Enterprise Power Equipment Installation, which executed the construction of projects:


    • TPP Sofia – expansion, TPP Traicho Kostov,  TPP Ruse, TPP Vratsa, TPP Vidin, TPP Devnya,  TPP Varna, TPP Bobov Dol, TPP Burgas at the Petrochemical Plant, the beginning of NPP Kozloduy;
    • The expansion of Hydropower Plant (HPP) Batak and HPP Peshtera, Sandanska Bistritsa Hydropower Dam with HPP Lilyanovo and HPP Popina Laka, Dospat-Teshel with HPP Teshel, Belmeken-Sestrimo, Vacha, Antonivanovtsi, HPP Ivaylovgrad, Karadzha Dere Pump Station, the installation of the hydraulic equipment of the dams and microdams.

    Facilities of a capacity ranging from 400 MW to 600 MW were implemented every year.


    1971-1972: Head of Control and Welding Enterprise


    1972-1973: Head of Secretariat Department of Ministry of Construction


    1973-1975: Council of Ministers Special Commissioner for the construction of the USSR-Bulgaria main gas line from the Bulgarian-Romanian border to the Vratsa Chemical Plant with  Brestak compressor station


    1975-1976: Deputy Head of Enterprise New Thermal and Energy Sources, at the Council of Ministers, which had the rank of a State Committee


    November 1976-January 1990, after the official groundbreaking of the Radomir Heavy Machine-Building Plant, made by Todor Zhivkov,  by Decision of the Bulgarian Communist Party Politburo, appointed consecutively as Director General of General Directorate for Construction of Radomir Heavy Machine-Building Plant (ZTM Radomir), Director General of Heavy Machine-Building Economic Corporation, president of company Radomir Metal, incorporating 8 plants, 3 technological institutes, engineering, designing, construction and investment organizations, with at total number of 13 000 persons.  Granted the rank of Vice-Minister of Machine-Building.


    1989 - 2005: Four companies registered in Lichtenstein with representations in Bulgaria, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Moscow. All four closed in a sequence.


    Participation in companies and firms:


    1988 – Beginning of 1990: Representative of Bulgaria in the international corporation Interatomenergo, with members all socialist countries and Chairman of the Management Board for one year.


    1987-1992: President of the Joint Bulgarian Japanese Company Atlas Engineering and Chairman of the Management Board to the rotating management principle


    1987-beginning of 1990: Participation in the Joint Bulgarian Swiss Company Riki Metal Systems


    1989-1995: President of the Bulgarian Swiss Joint Company Interrad


    1987: By Decree of the Council of Ministers of the People’s Republic of Bulgaria cooperation was established with the Heavy Machine-Building Plant in Novokrematorsk, Ukraine.


    • Protocol and programme signed for cooperated production of crushing and milling equipment and individual parts and units for metallurgy in cooperation with the two heavy machine-building plants of the Soviet Union - Uralmash, Sverdlovsk and Yuzhural-mash, Orsk. The Ministry of Metallurgy of the USSR declared it needed about 120 complete lines for continuous casting of liquid metal, for production of steel ingots. This programme could be fulfilled in cooperation with these plants and the Japanese company Kobe Steel and ZTM Radomir. It was not fulfilled due to the order of the “Perestroika father” Mikhail Gorbachev to discontinue any cooperation with the  Western capitalist countries, and with a certain degree of  “help” of high level leaders of ours.


    1992-1998: President of companies in Lichtenstein: Interrad AG, Interrad Engineering AG, Pegol AG, Pegol BGHQAG


    Developments and innovations


    1970: Author’s Certificate No 15329/1970 by the Patent Office “New method for installation of tunnel pipe lines” with collective, implemented in the Dospat-Teshel Hydropower Dam


    2013: Certificate for Utility Model No 1636 of 01.02.2013 of Patent Office of Republic of Bulgaria for new ecologically clean alcohol free drink, with trial tests in 1992


    1973: Development and implementation with Gasstroymontazh and Control Welding Enterprise of a new welding method and 100% mechanized radioactive gamma control of welding seams of the USSR-Bulgaria main gas line.


    1982: General Layout of ZTM Radomir drawn up and developed jointly with Design Organization Mashproekt, Plovdiv, Design Organization Leyarproekt, Sofia and the company Kobe Steel, Japan – innovative, technologically connecting the individual production areas to ensure workflow consistency for the products made and possibilities for expansion and production increase (pictures attached).


    A special 250 t capacity bridge crane designed and put in production jointly with a team of Radomir Heavy Machinebuilding Institute  and the Japanese company Toshiba for the steel production shop, a novelty to the socialist countries.


    1987: Contract for supply of continuous casting horizontal line for 80 mm to 400 mm Φ high quality steel and steel ingots of same size signed with the German company Mannesmann Huettentechnik and for implementation and joint production and sales of horizontal lines.


    1987: Contract for supply of unique machining centre – large size vertical lathe with face place diameter 12 000 mm and horizontal boring machine with diameter 320 m. Upon delivery a contract signed with the West German company Schiess Froriep for joint construction and technological development,  production and sales of a range of new machine tools for machining of hot and cold rolls with single roll positioning, unknown in the world practice at that time. The company is specialized in large-size machine tools and CNC machining centers. No production was reached because of the changes.


    1988: Agreement signed with the West German company Siempelkamp for joint production of spheroidal iron containers for transport of spent nuclear fuel. Not implemented because of the changes.


    1988: Agreement signed with the West German company Flender for joint production of large size gear boxes - main component of the non-standard equipment of the ZTM production programme. Not implemented because of the changes.


    1986:  Contract agreed upon and initialed with the Japanese company Kobe Steel for long term cooperation for technical, organizational and marketing assistance in the implementation and organization of ZTM Radomir production. Cancelled by order of Mikhail Gorbachev due to ideological contradictions (contract with both parties signatures attached).


    1989: Contract amounting to DM 150 Mill. agreed upon and signed with the West German company Mannesmann Handel for long term supply and sales of the ZTM Radomir production and for long-term cooperation. Production not performed and compromised by the new democrats and members of the future Podkrepa labour union.


    1989: Contract agreed upon and initialed with the West German consultancy company Roland Berger & Partners (80 % owned by Deutsche Bank) for technical assistance, attracting the German concern Mannesmann as a partner for production organizing and financing. Turned down by Georgi Atanassov, at that time Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of Bulgaria, because of the anticipated changes.


    1990-1993: Summoned as witness under suit case No 4 for explanations for the construction of the plant.


     1991-1993: Financing,  development and organization of joint production both in Bulgaria and Japan agreed with a group of Japanese business men for new ecological fuels, developed by Dr Stefan Naydenov in Bioelectronika Laboratory. Water as fuel, mixed with a liquid named GOL Green Oil and the use of pure palladium sponge, set in interaction with “heavy water” and generation of radioactive reaction with heat release – patent registered in Geneva, Switzerland. PEGOL BJHQ, a joint Bulgarian-Japanese company registered in Lichtenstein as patent owner of the innovation and branches opened in various countries for production and sales. Developments conducted in Switzerland, not finalized for organizational reasons and because of the death of Dr Stefan Naydenov (attachments).


    1993: Cooperation with company Pharmagen, headed by Rumen Tsanev, Academician, for production of “gamma interferon” under his patent, not implemented due to not ensured investment.


    1994: Engineering projects developed and presented for Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, by their request, for complete supplies of technological lines for production of bricks, roof tiles, small cement plants with up to 150 t/month capacity, as well as a project with supply of machines for metal processing and extraction from copper production waste. Not implemented for organizational reasons.


    State Awards:


    • Georgi Dimitrov Order
    • Cherveno Zname (red banner) Order
    • Silver People’s Order of Labour
    • Labour Excellency Medal
    • Insignia of Honour of USSR Gas Industry Ministry

    Foreign languages: Russian – speaking level, English – limited user level




    Shall we cross out Chervena Mogila

    Is there room under the sun for the Heavy Machine-Building Plant near Radomir – Article in Vreme Newspaper, 16/24.01.1990.

    Amputation of the spirit – book, 2016.


    Attachments: Photos related to my professional fulfilment.

    Heavy engineering (Bulgaria we built)



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